Freddy & Danielle Kaufmann started Proper Sausages, in Miami, in 2011. Frustrated by the musty offerings of supermarkets and missing an authentic English sausage, one made with quality pork and bold, yet simple flavors, Danielle could only ask, “Where are the proper sausages?” Armed with Freddy’s strong culinary background and Danielle’s unique British understanding of all things “proper” they quickly began work on creating what they considered to be The Proper Sausage. Seeking to satisfy themselves they settled on a blend of Berkshire pork, fresh sage, black pepper, and mace. Simple and delicious. Unbound by traditional constraints they continued to experiment with different ingredients until they had mastered 20 varieties, different but equally as worthy of the name Proper.
They began selling their Proper Sausages at local farmers’ markets and quickly found themselves with a loyal following and a gained notoriety amongst local chefs and food writers.

With the confidence installed in them by their growing local fanbase, they invested in their first brick and mortar establishment in March 2013. This allowed them to expand their business beyond sausages into butchery, charcuterie and more. They are now proud to offer meat and poultry from local sustainable farms as well as locally grown produce. Rounding out their inventory are carefully selected boutique wines, craft beers and a range of condiments to compliment their products.